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Apple II

The Apple II series (trademarked with square brackets as "Apple ][" and rendered on later models as "Apple //") is a set of home computers, one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputer products, designed primarily by Steve Wozniak, manufactured by Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) and introduced in 1977 with the original Apple II. In terms of ease of use, features and expandability the Apple II was a major technological advancement over its predecessor, the Apple I, a limited-production bare circuit board computer for electronics hobbyists that pioneered many features that made the Apple II a commercial success. Introduced at the West Coast Computer Faire on April 16, 1977, the Apple II was among the first successful personal computers; it launched the Apple company into a successful business (and allowed several related companies to start).



AppleWin is an Apple IIe Emulator for Windows
Windows AppleWin1.24.0.0.zip applewin.berlios.de 1.08 MB 2014-01-11


KEGS32 An Apple IIgs emulator. It is based on the Kent Dickey's KEGS for UNIX.
BIOS ROM rom1.zip www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za 86 KB 2001-02-22
Windows kegs32091.zip www.emaculation.com 855 KB 2009-10-22
OS X Direct link. kegs.sourceforge.net  

Virtual II

Virtual ][ is a program that emulates the vintage Apple II computer on your Mac.
Virtual ][ lets you play the old Apple games, because it supports all graphics modes, lets you control the game paddles with a USB game pad or mouse and emulates the internal speaker.
Virtual ][ requires an Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" or better.
OS X VirtualII.dmg www.virtualii.com 15.4 MB 2013-12-08


Apple2000e is an Apple 2/2e emulator for the Amiga computer. It requires a 68020 CPU or higher.
AmigaOS Apple2000e.lha aminet.net 1.17 MB 2007-02-14


Apple AppleIIjs is an Apple II and Apple IIe emulator written entirely in JavaScript and HTML5. It supports the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.
Javascript Direct link. www.scullinsteel.com  

Photo of a Apple II courtesy of Wikipedia.org
(Photo Wikipedia.org)
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