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GCE Vectrex

The Vectrex, unlike other non-portable video game consoles which connected to televisions and rendered raster graphics, has an integrated vector monitor which displays vector graphics. It is monochrome and uses plastic screen overlays to simulate color and various static graphics and decorations.



Vecx can run just about all the Vectrex software. It was originaly written by Valavan Mmanohararajah and then ported to various platforms using SDL/GL.
Windows VecXGL_20070905.zip jum.pdroms.de 253 KB 2007-09-10
OS X vecx-016.dmg www.bannister.org 1.02 MB 2008-Sep-27
MorphOS vecxgl.lha jupp3.binaryriot.org 96 KB 2013-04-03


ParaJVE is an advanced emulator for the GCE Vectrex game console, written in Java 1.5. Its development started in early 2006, and the emulation is now mature enough to deliver a rendering close to the real machine.
Windows Direct link. www.vectrex.fr  
OS X Direct link. www.vectrex.fr  
Linux Direct link. www.vectrex.fr  


JSVecX is a JavaScript port of the VecX Vectrex emulator. The rendering in this port relies on the HTML5 Canvas element. The port is pretty CPU intensive, so you will need a modern computer with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or a recent version of Safari.
Javascript Direct link. www.twitchasylum.com  

Photo of a GCE Vectrex courtesy of Wikipedia.org
(Photo Wikipedia.org)
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